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Insurance Consultant to the Consultants!

For over 25 years James P. Smith the Founding Partner has been the primary independent resource for clients who require the best from the Insurance marketplace. 

As a Independent Insurance Consultant and Broker we assist our clientele in the acquisition of individual insurance products that best fit their personal goals and objectives.   We represent our clients with over 30 Major top rated insurance carriers thought the United States and specialize in high risk Life Insurance Underwriting.  

JPS Enterprises works in tandem with IPA, Inc., several laws firms, CPA's and leading insurance professionals in delivering solutions for High Net Worth families and individuals to successfully transfer their Hard Earned life time assets.  We are one of the nation’s leading experts in developing and underwriting life insurance for wealthy individuals and corporations.  The Insurance Companies we represent, several of whom we lead every year, value our input and consult with us to keep them on the cutting edge of the brokerage world and our clients needs.  (Please view Partner tab for a sampling of some of our TRUSTED PARTNERS)

Wide Selection of The Right Carriers                                                     

Your time is valuable!  We do all we can to allow you to focus on your priorities.  We perform the due diligence for our clientele on carriers: their ratings, their products, their underwriting and product offerings.  You can depend on us to constantly survey the marketplace for the most competitive, most cost-effective products for your needs.   

Special Underwriting                                                                                    

Our clients have the benefit of both our expertise in underwriting complex medical conditions, and our negotiating leverage for the most competitive underwriting decisions.  As a client of our firm you will benefit from the incredible rapport and outstanding leverage we have with our carriers!  It does not matter if your looking for $100,00 of coverage or $10,000,000 we'll serve all your Family needs.   

Large Face Amounts - Reinsurance Coordination                                  

The complexity of the high net worth marketplace often requires coverage from several carriers.  Reinsurance plays a sensitive role in this process.  Operating in this arena has always been one of our specialties.  We know where and when to submit your case in order to afford you the most favorable combinations of automatic, jumbo and facultative reinsurance.  Why wouldn’t you want the best working for YOU?

Expert Planning Design                                                                        

You have the access to our highly effective design capabilities that include command over the most current tax advantaged strategies for income and estate planning.  You have our assistance in designing a "Financial Fire Drill" so your family will have access to your life time of planning in one convenient location should you become disabled, incapacitated or pass on.    

Shouldn’t you be one of our "Top Tier clients"?

All it takes is a phone call, a fax or an email and you have “our team on your team.”

If you are not familiar with our company and your first contact with us is online: We would be pleased to hear from you! Please let us know what your needs and questions are, we are more than happy to help.

You can reach us at: (Office) 516.945.6275  (Cell) 516-313-3877                      (Fax) 516.908-4235 or info@jpsenterprisesllc.com